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For the past couple of months I’ve been assisting during an course on iOS development. I’ve also been putting together a handout for the people enrolled in this course to use as a quick reference. This handout includes a fair amount of resources every iOS developer should probably at least know about, which gave me the idea to also publish this list here.

A big ‘thank you’ to all the kind people who maintain these resources and the people who were willing to share them with their fellow-developers.


Hacker News/Y Combinator It’s a bit like the old digg, but more geared towards startups and programmers. If something new and shiney comes out, chances are it’ll hit Hacker News (way) before it hits the techblogs.

Prismatic Prismatic is an web- and iPhone app which aggregates news - including technews - based on your interests. These interests are determined by the people you follow and the tweets you posted. It’s a great app. I just wish they’d release an iPad version already.


iOS Dev Weekly A nicely curated weekly newsletter containing around 10 of the most interesting controls and blogposts of the past week. You should definitely subscribe to this one.

Cocoa Controls Indexes a vast amount of (re)usable iOS anc Mac controls, which can be found mostly on Github. Cocoa Controls also includes the ability to vote and comment on each control, so you’ll know wether or not you should spend your time on trying to implement a certain piece of code, or not.

Ray Wenderlich Website filled with excellent tutorials regarding iOS. They also have a lot of posts in which readers get a say, like the Top 10 Most Useful iOS Libraries to Know and Love post. Good stuff.

ManiacDev I believe this site was previously known as Not sure why the domain and name changed, but the content is pretty solid nonetheless.

Mobile Tuts+ Apart from having a lot of non-iOS related content, they do have a few interesting iOS-related tutorials every now and again.

Big Nerd Ranch Blog The people behind the great The Big Nerd Ranch books also have a blog with a lot of in-depth information and tips.

Objc Libs Basically, it’s a big list with the most popular Objective-C libraries. Chances are you probably know most of them already, but it’s still a nice resource to have.

Average App Store Review Times Calculates the average amount of time it takes an app get through the App Store’s approval process via crowdsourcing by analyzing tweets.

Design Inspiration

Dribbble There are a lot of solid designs to be found on dribbble, and not just for weather apps.

Beautyful Pixels This blog features only the most cleverly designed apps and sites.

Mobile Tuxedo Apart from some patterns, also contains great freebies and articles mobile design.

Scoutzie Do you just suck at graphic design? This is a place where you can scout your very own designer.

iOS Inspirations Contains a lot of everything to do with iOS design, such as app designs for both iPad and iPhone, as well launch sites and icons.

Design Patterns

The following indexing-sites contain a lot of UI design patterns. Since they share the same goal, I’ll omit the description for each link.

Have any to add?

This list is probably far from complete. If you have any valuable resources to add, please feel free share them in the comments below.

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